Final paper Submission

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FiveFingers_OzCHI24 2017

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Final Design Intervention Begins!


As we move to our final phase of the competition, our team works sincerely to design and develop the Solution..

11:00 PM

Selection of The Problem Statement:
After a lot of brainstorming and discussion, we have decided to work on the Problem of Sharing Experiences and Skills.


Akshay Working on the Wireframes..


Hasini doing the digital Wireframes..




Srikhar Working on the Final Draft…

And I am Blogging and working on the Submission Video!

A final sample preview of the pdf we proposed for the solution is down here.



Story Boarding

Problem Statement:

Children with stammering problem,There are many children who cant speak properly ,express their thoughts,cannot communicate,and with learning disability.Sometimes they are depressed .To find a solution for this stammering problem in children.


Journey map of children:

Akshay, a student suffering from stammering wakes up in the morning and goes to school.There after there will be morning assembly followed by classes and games.finally they end up coming to home after evening assembly.This is most probably journey map of children.Here , in every scene he is not able to share his thoughts with his friends.DSC_0277



Once Akshay , having  stammering problem wants to express his thoughts and share them to his friends.


1.He is confused to talk and share his thoughts with others .IMG_20170812_172046

2.Getting afraid to talk with others .


3.Ambitious to talk but cant able to speak .


4.Eventually , people wont approach him and go away from him .





This is a wearable device weared by the user which has a blue tooth connection through our watch .It can be attached to the shirt of the user through the pin on the back and once bluetooth is ON , the motion graphics on the device will be started , so that the people can approach him .

The color can be set by the watch connected to him and depending on intensity of the color , people try approaching him generously . If he wanted to talk for a long time to a person , he will choose the person with high intensity, so that people stay with him for more time.



Scenario after solution :

People approach him due to multi color nature of the wearable device, now he can talk to them freely.




Magic Machine




The Problem :

The biggest problem in dance are stress, injuries and lack of coordination and skills.


Need for creating the machine :


Possible Outcomes for the magic machine.


The Solution:



LIKES : To design a magic wearable inspired by the passion and drive of the dancers . A ballet move meaning “to move forward ” , integrates modern technology and social networking systems into the culture of ballet , inspired by the passion and drive of dancers at all levels in all genres.It is to share coordination,skills , to minimize injuries , stress and to promote synchronization between dancers. This will ultimately enhance the life of the dancers.


We designed a magic wearable which can be worn around wrist/ waist/ legs. When we wear it, it detects the posture of the body which can be scanned later. It helps in comparing the posture of two dancers and it can calculate the ergonomics of the posture and if ever the ergonomics of the body is poor, then the vibrational sensor in the magic machine will send a vibration whose intensity will depend on the ergonomic values calculated by the sensor. It also detects the heart rate and blood pressure of the dancer.

How it helps in sharing of skills and coordination?

The magic machine helps to detect posture and compare them. So when a new learner learns steps from a professional, a blue tooth connector connects both of the dancers and detects the postures and when the posture of the new learner doesn’t match with that of the professional , the sound modular informs the dancer about the posture , so that it can be changed . It is helping in sharing the skills and when the bluetooth is connected to a group , it helps in coordination of the dance group.




Adding an additional weight may slightly disrupt the balancing position of the dancers.

The theme of the dance costume may be disturbed by the magic machine .









The Learning Phase

We have participated in this competition to get better exposure and learn new skills.
(Our journey to learn new skills started with the previous blog)

We also are interested to see how different teams ideate and solve this problem.
Really looking forward to learn from all the fellow participants.
The next few hrs are going to be exciting..
We have just completed the brainstorming..